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How it Works


  • You’ll register using your phone number. We’ll send you a SMS code to verify it.
  • Important: During registration you must save your private keys. Think of it like a password, you’ll need it to login. Be sure to copy and not screenshot.


  • Choose a category and contest level on “Enter” Tab
  • Record your raw video using the in-app camera.
  • Trim video to 60 seconds or less using the in-app editor.


Upload your video to be immutably recorded/memorialized (hashed) on the EOS blockchain.


  • Pay the entry fee, using credit card (fiat), Apple Pay, or EOS (crypto).
  • Choose an entry-fee level from ‘Free’ to ‘$100’ per entry. 


  • Vote for your favorite!
  • Solicit votes by sharing your entry on your favorite social platforms. 


  • Get the most votes and get paid from $100 (for the Free entry level) up to $10,000 (for the $100 entry level)! 
  • You’ll be able to withdrawal your prize winnings to your PayPal or EOS wallet.