The following are the official Contest Rules for the Flair - Video Competitions dapp, by Flair Dapp, Inc.:


Videos must be 60 seconds or shorter in length, unedited, continuous, non-manipulated footage, shot with the in-app camera function, and must not contain any special effects, nor graphical enhancements. Attempting to submit a manipulated video, or submitting a video by using the in-app camera to capture another video’s playback, may result in disqualification and forfeiture of your contest entry, regardless of the number of votes received. Multiple infractions may result in the user’s account being deactivated, and forfeiture of prize funds.

Each category currently has two different entry levels: the Free Entry Level that pays out $100, and the paid, $10 Entry Level that can pay out up to $1,000! (Prize amounts depend on the number of entries submitted, except for the ‘Free Entry Level’ prize of $100, which is always a fixed $100). 

Videos should be entered in the Category that best fits the subject matter of the submission, giving it the best chance to be judged fairly by voters. 

Video submissions of an indecent or pornographic nature, or videos depicting illegal activity, or videos deemed inappropriate by Flair Dapp, LLC may, at our discretion, result in the user’s immediate deactivation and forfeiture of any entry fees or contest winnings. Flair has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to objectionable content or abusive users.


Contest Periods

In order to make the competition fair to all entrants, contests are split into 2 phases: the Entry Period, and the Voting Period. This affords a competitor who has entered the contest at the last minute the same “exposure” or opportunity to accumulate votes, as a user who entered the contest much earlier in the process. 

Paid Contests Duration

A contest will “open” for voting once an adequate number of videos has been received. The number of entries in any single contest is limited to 100. If any single contest receives 100 entries (becomes “full”), another contest of the same Category and Entry Fee Level will automatically open to begin receiving the additional entries.

Free Contests Duration

The Free Entry Level ($100 Prize-Level) contest has a fixed 24-hour Voting Period.


Users can only cast one vote per contest. Any suspected manipulation of votes, or attempt to create multiple accounts for the purpose of casting multiple votes for any contest, will be deemed as vote manipulation (cheating) and will result in immediate deactivation of the user’s account(s), and forfeiture of any prize winnings being held in that (those) account(s).


Prize Payouts are calculated by taking the sum of all contest entry fees collected for a given contest, less Flair’s administrative fee (4-6%), and dividing the remaining pool of funds amongst the top three winners, based on the number of votes a particular entry received in that specific contest during that contest’s Voting Period. The Prize Pool will be split as follows: 1st Place = 70% of the total prize pool, 2nd Place = 20% of the total prize pool, and 3rd Place = 10% of the total prize pool. The Free-to-Enter, $100 Prize Level contest is not split amongst multiple winners, and is awarded to the single winner with the most votes at the end of the Contest Voting Period.


Flair Dapp is in no way affiliated with Apple, Inc. Apple does not sponsor, nor support Flair Dapp. Flair Dapp, LLC indemnifies Apple, the App Store, Apple Connect, and the Apple Developer Program from any responsibility or liability regarding Flair Dapp, LLC, or the Flair - Video Competitions app.